SRPO Full Size Gas Deck Ovens

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The Sierra range SRPO gas pizza and bake ovens feature a single deck that will always provide you with the perfect crust and a perfect bake. These ovens have a complete stainless steel exterior that is not only durable and resilient, it is easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. The doors of the Sierra SRPO deck ovens are insulated and spring-loaded. The doors of our ovens have proven the test of time. Each oven chamber features one Fibra-ment stone© with a 7" deck height and independently controlled top heat dampers for the most perfect results. These deck ovens achieve maximum heat while using less energy, and much quicker recovery times between uses. Choose from three widths: 48" 60" & 72" and ovens may be stacked. Inside depths are 36".


    • SRPO available in 36”, 48", 60" widths
    • Heavy duty stainless steel legs
    • Heavy duty construction and high quality stainless steel top, front and sides
    • Cook directly on the deck or with pans and screens
    • Door opening full size deck
    • Modulating thermostat for energy efficiency low input BTU for faster recovery
    • Tubular type burners are designed with 12”spacing for best heat distribution
    • 1-1/2" refractory type hearth Fibra-ment stone© 
    • Temperature range: 300-650 degrees F 
  • Ovens are shipped from the factory ready for natural gas installation.

    An LP conversion kit is included with each unit.