SRS-24 Salamander

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• Available in 24” (610 mm) and 36” (915 mm) width.
• Stainless steel front and sides.
• Stainless steel interior.
• Chrome plated cooking grates.
• Rack has four adjustable positions.
• One (SRS-24) and two (SRS-36) steel wire mesh infra-red burners, each individually controlled.
• 1-year parts and labor warranty.
• Standing pilot ignition system.
• Broiler grid is spring assisted that raises and lowers with four adjustable positions.
• Orange paint injected aluminum knobs providing for better toughness and durability.
• Full width grease deflector channels hot drippings to a large capacity drip pan.
• Easily removable drip pan and rack carriage assembly for cleaning.
• Units are shipped ready for Natural Gas(NG). A Propane Gas(LP) conversion kit and NG/LP regulator is supplied with the unit.